Cooking Classes


Recipes & Tales From the Ranch

Murski Homestead in Brenham, Texas

Pamela Murski enjoys sharing her passion for food and cooking while intertwining stories of growing up living off the land throughout the class. Classes are held on Saturdays,  from 9:30 – 3:30, menus are based upon our conversations, the season, market availability and are 5-8 courses, dependent upon the clienteles inclinations.   Classes are booked weeks in advance, as menus are not recycled but rather developed individually for each new season and each new group of guests of cooking friends, based upon their desires and palates.  We host only four overnight guests onsite but can accommodate up to 6 in the class for those who want to bring another couple for their cooking midday party.

Class Cost is $495 per person, minimum of 2 people required, plus the room. We have a two night minimum stay requirement at the ranch year round.  To provide you with a customized experience, classes are booked by phone.

Call 979-525-4151 to learn more about her seasonal fusion farm to table cooking style,  to book your stay and hands on cooking class!